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We are a family of crafters, based in Ireland, who love to create unique and beautiful pieces for you. We come from different backgrounds, but we all have one common passion and that is creativity.

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Craftirka Team Meet Alex



Alex, the passionate graphics and digital designer, who applies her creativity to every craft project she plays with. She's always coming up with new and original ideas, and she loves to prototype them and see what come to life.

She has a zing in her mind and a spark in her eyes. Alex always strives for perfection and quality, and she never settles for less. She has a positive attitude and a smile on her face, always ready to clap, cheer, or high-five you. Needless to say a craft master with passion for modern clean design.

Craftirka Team Meet Mike



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Mike, the problem solver extraordinaire. He has a brilliant mind and a knack for finding solutions to any challenge. Whether it's a technical glitch, a creative block, or a missing ingredient, he always has an idea how to fix it. He's also our name crafter, meaning he can come up with catchy and memorable names for anything, from products to titles.

He's the moral officer for ups and downs, he can lift your spirits and keep you motivated in any situation. He's always there to offer support, advice, or a joke. Also he is the designated photographer, Mike captures the core values of our crafts just as they were intended.

Craftirka Team Meet Jordan



Jordan, a creative mind with passion for sewing and stitching. She knows how to reuse materials and turn them into something new and beautiful. If Jordan was a fabric, she would be patchwork, a bit of everything, but perfectly matched. She has an eagle's eye when it comes to finding errors.

Jordan has a productive experience in the field of fashion and accessories, and always keeps up with the latest trends and styles. She tries everything on and wants to have everything we make, because she loves our products and believes in our vision.

Craftirka Team Meet Bobi



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Bobi, our motivator and support wizard. He can do it all: design, photography, technical support, and he is always here for guidance. Just don’t ask him if the jewellery looks good, he will say he needs to meditate on it, while question marks fly around him.

He's not only a master of his craft, but also a cheerleader, meaning he always celebrates our team achievements and encourages us to pursue our goals. Bobi is an ultimate (web+) support package.

Craftirka Team Meet Lara



Lara, our positive reinforcement. She's the one who provides tea and biscuits to keep us energised and happy. When it comes to our clients, she makes sure you are always pleased and satisfied with our products and services.

She's also the one who procures supplies and wraps packages, ensuring we have everything we need and our orders are shipped on time. Lara’s proactive and ends every message with smiles.

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We are thrilled to announce that we have launched our first online store on Etsy. We have worked hard and passionately to create a beautiful and diverse collection of products for you. Store showcases creativity, quality, and style. We invite you to visit our store and browse through our great offerings.

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We would also love to hear your feedback and suggestions. Please let us know what you think of our store and our products. You can also follow us on social to get the latest updates and news. Thank you for your support and interest. We hope you enjoy our craft as much as we do.

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